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Kirito: Our Blue Tabby Mitted

Updated: Jan 30

Kirito's official name is FI*Darkie’s Chouka. He is the brother of Escanor, both of them were the only male Ragdolls in the litter. Like Escanor, he was born in Finland on the 28th of September 2020. The father of Kirito is called Ukko-Kaleva (FI*Darkie’s Ryuusabara no Tsubomi) and the mom is Haiku (CH*Trycoline’s Paige Angely).

Kirito is also a big cat! His weight is around 8 kg (17.6 lb) and he is 85 cm (35.4 in) long measured when he's stretched from paw to tail. He loves to play with the "cat dancer" toy (a toy that is a wire with some carton wraps at the end of the wire).

Kirito is very fast and likes to chase things that move fast.

Compared to Escanor, Kirito is much pickier with food, but he is braver. Kirito is the first one to explore whenever we have visitors at home. He is also a great manager and supervisor because he observes us when we mop the floor, clean the flat, etc. He purrs much less than Escanor but when he does purr and bake it feels very special.

Kirito is a gentleman that keeps himself very clean, and when we fall ill, he stays in bed until we feel better. Somehow he knows that something is not ok and remains in bed to comfort.

That’s all for now! If you have any questions about Kirito contact us on Twitter or Discord.


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