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I own a Cronos Ragdoll NFT, how can I check my gallery?

In this post, we will guide you thru how can you check your NFT gallery.

Before that, here are some things you should know about the Cronos Ragdolls NFT gallery:

  • It updates every hour.

  • It supports up to 80 NFTs from 8 different collections. Showing a maximum of 10 NFTs per collection.

  • The gallery automatically fetches the NFTs of addresses holding a Cronos Ragdoll.

  • The NFT media can be stored in IPFS and HTTP.

  • In case you find an error or if you need to request updating an NFT gallery (e.g., because the collection was revealed), please report it on our Discord server!

The Cronos Ragdolls gallery allows you to walk through your NFT collection using your phone, PC, or VR headset. To check your personal gallery, you need to replace the numbers at the end of the URL with any Ragdolls ID number to explore other people's galleries. For example, the gallery of our friend @CHIMPonXRPL can be accessed by using the URL:


For example, if you have a Cronos Ragdoll NFT that has an ID 123, then the URL of your gallery will be https://www.gallery.cronosragdolls.com/123

We hope that this helps you find your way to your NFT gallery, and if not, please reach out via Twitter or Discord!


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