• Papa Ragdoll

Experience an NFT gallery with our Snapchat lens

It might not be super clear for everyone what a VR art gallery is. To help with that, we created a Snapchat lens that gives you an immersive experience of an NFT art gallery based on some of the NFTs from @ChimpLucyCRO. We hope that this lens helps communicate what we are after, and we would love to hear your thoughts about our project.

If you like the lens, please share a video exploring the NFT gallery and tag us on Twitter or Instagram!

How to use the Snapchat lens?

You can either scan the following code on Snapchat:

Or if you prefer, you can search for “CronosRagdolls” and it will show in the lenses section:

Once you select the lens, place the virtual door somewhere and walk towards it.

To help improving your experience, use a large enough room with plenty of light and move slowly once you are inside of the NFT art gallery.


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