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The first version of the NFT galleries is ready.

You made it to Cronos Ragdolls

​Why should you be part of it?

  • Own a Cronos Ragdoll to be part of an NFT community that loves and supports cats.

  • We are building a virtual NFT gallery that adjusts to the NFTs that your wallet holds!

  • Check the galleries HERE

  • Check our roadmap for more details.

  • The 12% p.a. rewards of staking 100K CRO will be donated to cat sanctuaries.

  • We decided to build this NFT as part of the Cronos blockchain because it is much more eco-friendly than other EVM blockchains. Also, we believe that the #crofam community is amazing!


How to get one?

You get the ownership of a unique digital asset by participating in a process called minting. In the process of minting, you instruct our smart contract to transfer you an NFT token to your wallet for a fee.

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Live NOW:


99 CRO

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About the Cronos Ragdolls NFT:

There are 10K NFTs based on our two real-life beloved Ragdolls. Each NFT randomly has:

  • A role, either a warrior ⚔️ or mage 🧙

  • Body, headwear, weapon, monocle, and pipe with smoke (no idea what cats are smoking!)

  • Background color

  • A display trait (not shown in the picture but will play a role in the virtual art gallery)


Each ​trait has rarities following the common, rare, epic, and legendary ranks. Also, there is an additional exotic rank for traits between epic and legendary. Additionally, we include an exotic trait with a probability between epic and legendary. We have super rare NFTs that are those with items from the same rarity category.


We use the following rarity system:

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We want you to showcase your NFTs

We are building an NFT gallery that will show the NFTs that your wallet holds.



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